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Development Projects in Nelson

  1. Port Nelson Marine Centre
  2. Blue Haven Marina

It is with the following thoughts in mind that we are committed to the development of the Port Nelson Marina Centre and Blue Haven Marina.

  • Never take no for the final answer
  • Don’t start a project if you don’t intend on finishing it
  • If it were easy someone would have done it
  • You only fail if you give up
  • Great ideas start with a dream
  • Not everyone shares your vision
  • If you are going to think; think big!
Port Nelson Marine Centre
Port Nelson Centre Plan

MarineWorx have committed the last 10 years working with a range of stakeholders to promote the development of the multi-use Marine Service Centre. Several design changes and upscaling of this development have taken place during this arduous journey of dealing with the NCC.

Mid 2022 progress is yet to be made but we remain committed to this development and believe with an element of support from Nelson City Council the Port Nelson Marine Centre will proceed during 2024.

Port Nelson Marine Centre has been designed to provide a base for its eight stakeholders but the project remains flexible and open to enquiries from interested parties. We updated our plans in 2020 to provide NCC with an option to move quickly to establish a marine precinct but despite our commitment and desire to move forward as quickly as possible the Port Nelson Marine Centre awaits the NCC’s commitment to work with us to establish this much needed marine infrastructure. Should you have an interest in being involved in this strategic development I welcome hearing from you.

Contact Garry Phillips

Blue Haven Marina

After 2 years of preliminary planning, MarineWorx publicly announced in July 2021 its plan to develop a new all-inclusive 220 plus berth marina.

This long term project is subject to gaining the necessary consents along with a commitment to further consult with stakeholders to ensure the best possible outcomes. Every consideration is being given to any social and environmental impact and we are moving forward with the greatest respect and awareness of public interest in such a development.

Should you wish to discuss or comment on any element of the Blue Haven Marina please contact me; email